Health and Safety Questionnaire

  • Do you have a written safety policy comprising of statement, responsibilities and arrangements?
    Yes No

  • Do you have a policy concerning the control of contractors when they are on your premises?
    Yes No

  • Do you have recorded Risk Assessments for all your significant risks?
    Yes No

  • Do you have recorded Hazardous Substance Assessments?
    Yes No

  • Have you completed a Fire Precautions Assessment?
    Yes No

  • Do you have assessments of all significant Manual Handling tasks?
    Yes No

  • Are your staff trained in fire evacuation procedures?
    Yes No

  • Is your safety signage in compliance with the regulations?
    Yes No

  • Have you completed a Noise Assessment?
    Yes No

  • Are you aware of the reporting requirements under RIDDOR?
    Yes No

  • Have your assessments been reviewed recently?
    Yes No

  • Have all your staff received adequate training?
    Yes No

    If you enter your company information below, an advisor will respond with advice regarding our answers. All information is optional and will not be revealed to anyone other than R&R Safety Systems.

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    Client Testimonials

    "I am extremely thankful to all the team at R&R Safety, and what seriously makes it all extra special, is for the first time I feel I have Health & Safety People that can relate to our business and challenges and at the same time have a laugh and understanding of life in the real world..."

    Steven Hesketh
    Managing Director
    The Richmond & Central Perk

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